Club Lounge

Club Lounge
Club Lounge
Club Lounge
Club Lounge
Club Lounge
Club Lounge

The hotel’s 3rd floor features the Club Lounge, with special benefits and amenities especially suited for business travelers. Here, in an atmosphere of privacy and elegant luxury, we will be happy to surround you with exceptional attention and care to make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. We invite you to visit our summer terrace, which offers a magnificent view of one of the seven “Stalinist skyscrapers” - the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as the international business center “Moscow City” and the busy Novinsky Boulevard. Those who appreciate privacy can stay in panoramic igloos or cozy gazebos.

Additional privileges of the Club Lounge include:

  • separate reception desk for check-in and check-out;

  • possibility of early check-in from 9:00 and late check-out from the hotel until 15:00;

  • individual mini-office with free Internet access, possibility of renting a laptop;

  • personal business and concierge services;

  • complimentary use of conference rooms for one hour per day for each night of stay at the hotel with the possibility of extension with a 20% discount;

  • ironing of two light items on the day of check-in;

  • night shoe cleaning service;

  • luggage packing and unpacking service.

During the day you can enjoy five exquisite gastronomic presentations:

  • Breakfast                                07:00-11:00
  • Lunch                                     12:00-14:00
  • Afternoon tea                         15:00-17:30
  • Dinner                                    18:00-20:00
  • Evening tea                            20:00-22:00

Opening hours

Mon-Sun: 07.00 – 22.30

Inquiry: +7 495 745 1000